How Are Varicose Veins Treated?

Varicose veins are the result of the veins in your legs having to work against gravity to get blood back to your heart. Your body has adapted to compensate for this to a degree; there are valves in your veins that prevent blood from flowing backward. As you age, though, your veins lose their elasticity. His means they cannot stretch and retract like they used to. Then there is the fact that the valves in your veins become less effective over time and lets blood to flow back into the veins rather than forward. This results in blood pooling up in your veins and causing them to swell.

Fortunately, treatment is fairly straightforward and is often an outpatient procedure for those who choose to seek treatment. If you do not feel any pain or getting ulcers by your ankles, then chances are there is no absolute need to get them treated unless you want to, but if you experience either one of these your insurance should pay for vein treatment in Chicago or your area. So, how is it done?


This treatment is a simple injection for small to medium sized veins and does not even require anesthesia. Your doctor will simply inject a solution into the veins that will cause scarring. This will cause the vein to scar and close. Once it closes, there is not a fresh source of blood so that the veins will fade over the course of a few weeks.

Vein Stripping

This is usually an outpatient procedure, but it can vary. What your surgeon will do is tie off the vein and then remove it. Since the veins deeper in your legs handle most of the blood flow, this will not hurt the circulation in your legs.

These are just a couple of the possible treatments for varicose veins; there are other options including the use of injectable foam to block off the vein.

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