How can Dentures in DC Benefit You?

Dentures in DC are devices intended to rebuild a dilapidated smile due to decay or tooth fracture. It is also possible to replace one or more missing teeth, either by a fixed medium (crown, bridge and implant) or removable appliance. It helps a person get back decent chewing function, which is important for general health. In addition, they limit the movement of the other teeth and restore the aesthetic and phonetic features.

Various types of dentures

1. Fixed dentures on implants
2. Removable prosthesis (partial or full)
3. Hybrid prosthesis

Dentures fixed on natural teeth

This type of prosthesis is used to rebuild a dilapidated tooth or replace one or more missing teeth. This prosthetic rehabilitation is the one that is closest to the natural dentition.

Crown: it artificially recreates the crown of a decayed tooth. It also fixes a form of aesthetic defect, hue or position. It can be used both on a vital tooth or devitalized tooth. The teeth are prepared beforehand; and this preparation is meant to reduce (in volume) the coronal portion of the tooth to obtain a conical stump to which the crown will be sealed or glued. Nowadays, this type of preparation is done as a last resort because modern bonding techniques can rebuild the teeth by adhesion.

Bridge: this can replace one or more missing teeth based on the teeth adjacent to the edentulous. A bridge resting on the two teeth adjacent to the edentulous area is used to replace one or two missing teeth. Beyond that, the risk of fracture is too high. But it is also possible to bridge a greater extent by increasing the number of abutment teeth.

The preparation of the teeth is identical to that of the teeth receiving crowns. Just as crowns, bridges can be sealed or bonded to the abutment teeth. Your local dentist will ensure that your smile is stable enough to hold Dentures in DC. If an abutment tooth is intact, they will refuse to place a fixed prosthesis. Instead, they will favor an implant solution that will have the advantage of not involving the teeth adjacent to the edentulous space; and so, therefore, the teeth remain fully intact. You visit this site right here to learn more.

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