How Can I Improve the Surface of My Garage Floor?

Concrete garage floors may eventually crack and move. Hot tire marks will start to build up across the floor, along with potential oil leaks and other liquids and chemicals that will stain the floor. When you want to bring a prestigious vehicle showroom quality to your home, you should investigate the different types of garage floor coating that professional contractors can install for you.

Is the Concrete Slab Thick Enough for Your Vehicle?

The slab of concrete, which forms your garage floor for your vehicle, should have a depth of 5 to 8 inches, depending upon the weight of your vehicle. Also, the concrete must be set onto a secure and solid base. If the concrete was poured onto the dirt, particularly clay, it is likely that your concrete floor will move.

A new garage floor coating should not be completed until the concrete underneath is firm and secure. Once the concrete slab is perfectly in place, you will need to consider the finish for your floor.

A simple layer of paint, even if you use road paint, will not be sufficient to protect your garage floor. The showroom look will only be provided when you add a high-quality epoxy coating, which seals the concrete and provides a layer of protection, which will require very little maintenance over the years.

These Are Not DIY Jobs

Although you may lay a concrete base for the garden shed your yard, garage slabs require professional attention, particularly considering the weight of the vehicle that will be parked for considerable lengths of time.

An effective garage floor coating should be completed by professional contractors. This may not be the most difficult of tasks, but the attention to detail will ensure that your concrete is sealed effectively.

By ealing your concrete, the floor should remain maintenance free, apart from a regular and simple clean, for many years. Providing you clean oil and other chemicals from your floor coating, as soon as they are spilled, the impressive showroom look will last for years.

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