How Chiropractors in Florissant, MO Are Helping to Eliminate Chronic Pain

Back, neck and shoulder pain are something that has the power to control the life of the sufferer. When pain is constant it is impossible to sleep soundly, can ruin the appetite and prevents people from concentrating at home and at work. Many pain sufferers give up hobbies, spend less time with their family and have a large number of absences from their job. OTC pain medications are not harmless. When taken for long periods of time they can lead to stomach upset, liver problems and many other health concerns. Prescription narcotics have even more severe side effects and are part of the reason the country is experiencing an addiction crisis.

Effective drug-free pain relief is the goal of most people in this situation. They want freedom from the pain that is holding them back from enjoying their life. Masking the discomfort with drugs is not a cure. There are non-invasive ways to get help and Chiropractors in Florissant MO are leading the way. Adjustments and spinal decompression are common methods of pain relief at a chiropractic office, but they are far from the only methods these medical professionals suggest. For many patients, the treatment they receive at the office is only part of their overall recovery process. Chiropractors want their patients to understand how they must also help themselves to heal.

Many patients are given therapeutic exercises to perform at home or prescribed walking, aquatic therapy or other forms of exercise to help strengthen and stretch their muscles. Special diets, for both weight loss and to increase nutrition, are often suggested. Additional treatments like massage, heat and ice therapy and many other tips are provided to help patients learn more about caring for their own health. Many patients can experience more relief and faster results when these methods are used along with regular chiropractic appointments.

Chiropractors in Florissant MO understand that a diagnosis is important, but only a part of helping people to become pain-free. Discovering and repairing the cause of the pain, as well as making lifestyles changes that help to prevent re-injury, are all a part of the cure. Click Here to learn more about chiropractic treatments and the relief they can provide.

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