How different Factors pose a Challenge to your Concrete Surfaces

Do you know why concrete is used a lot in industrial and residential premises? It is used a lot because it is one of the toughest materials. As much as it is strong, it is not indestructible. Concrete is vulnerable to damages caused by numerous things. Damages occur due to old age, lack of maintenance and poor installation. For you to undertake concrete restoration in Los Angeles, you must first identify the cause of the damage and contact a professional.

Mechanical factors
The size, strength and shape of concrete are determined by the maximum weight that the concrete can carry without a strain. If more weight than what the constructors anticipate is placed on the concrete, it cracks. Vibrations from passing vehicles or movement of heavy equipment causes the bonds formed in the concrete to disintegrate. Earthquakes and explosions are also known to damage concrete as they shake the foundation to where cracks form.

Some Physical Features have Negative Effects on Concrete
Physical processes such as freezing and thawing damage concrete by creating holes in it. When concrete is saturated by water, it lodges in the small spaces, and when it freezes the ice expands. The expansion creates larger holes which within time creates large cracks. Other factors such as old age, abrasion and erosion also contribute to the deterioration of concrete.

Up to Date Concrete Restoration Techniques
Experienced concrete restoration companies combine skills and the latest techniques to fix concrete problems at a reasonable cost. Some of the best methods that they use for the restoration process include Crack repair (whether horizontal, overhead or vertical), crack routing and sealing, structural strengthening and concrete repair, Epoxy Crack injection, and Urethane Crack injection. The technique used is determined by the level of damage that is present.

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