How Has A Dental Bridge In Panama City, FL Is Installed And What Types Are Available?

Florida patients have access to a variety of restorative dental services. These options present the patient with the ability to replace missing or damaged teeth. Among these opportunities is a Dental Bridge in Panama City FL.

The Different Types of Dental Bridges

The dental bridges are available in two types. The first of these types is the removable bridges. They are constructed of a mold of the teeth. They connect to hinges that are installed around existing teeth. The patient secures the device with an over the counter adhesive.

The second type of bridge is installed permanently. The dentist uses two crowns to secure the bridge in place. The dentist grinds the teeth at the end of each section into a cone. The crown is affixed over these teeth. The crowns are places at the end of each side of the bridge. The dentist uses an industrial grade adhesive to secure the bridge to the gum line.

Extending the Longevity of the Bridge

The dentist provides patients with after care instructions for their bridge. The most common obstacles that patients is ill-fitting bridges and the potential for the replacement teeth becoming loose. For this reason, dentists that install permanent bridges create a temporary bridge. The permanent option isn’t installed until after the gums have healed. The gums shrink after the teeth are extracted. If the dentist installs the device before shrinkage happens, the bridge may not fit correctly.

Cleaning the Bridge

Removable bridges are cleaned with the same solutions as dentures. However, patients could use a toothbrush to remove debris and adhesive accumulation. For a permanent bridge, the patient could brush the teeth exactly as they would their natural teeth. Their dentist provides them with suggestions about products to clean their bridge properly.

Florida patients have access to restorative services. These options could restore their self-confidence and esteem. For some patients, they could also help them to communicate more effectively. Patients with missing teeth face difficulty enunciating some words and expressions. Patients who are ready to acquire a Dental Bridge in Panama City FL should click here to find more information today.

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