How Interactive Voice Response Systems Can Save Your Company Money

When you employ individuals to wait for telephone calls to your business, they may be sitting around for hours every day with nothing else to do. By updating your telephone operations and installing interactive voice response systems, every employee can be kept busy within their own role, while the computer decides, with customers, who they choose to speak to.

Can A Computer Really Talk to Customers?

Interactive voice response systems work very well in the modern technological era. What is most amazing about the system is that the customer can say whatever they want; the computer will understand the customer’s request and will automatically forward the external telephone call to the internal desk of the most relevant individual that is required to answer the question or query.

Customers are effectively serving themselves without having to suffer the irritation of mastering the ability to touch numbers on a keypad responding to a list of requests. This menu style system is inefficient and not much more useful than the original plan which involved one individual receiving every telephone call into the business, also annoying for customers who are kept waiting.

The interactive voice response system is effective and efficient because it understands the customer’s request, sends the call to the correct internal telephone, all without an employee being involved or speaking to the customer at this stage.

These systems were originally targeted towards the large and global companies who could afford an expensive telephone system. Currently, most businesses can undertake to install this type of system within a financially viable package.

The systems certainly solve two problems within any organization. They save the cost of employing an individual to occasionally perform a task and they help the customer avoid the irritation of a menu based system, by allowing the customer to talk and make their own selections, purely by using their voice.

The additional saving to organizations is from needing to train and retrain individuals with how to manage the incoming calls and general queries for the business.

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