How Kane County Family Law Attorneys Protect You

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Law

Domestic violence is an insidious problem that is unfortunately common, cutting across lines of race, class, and even gender. You are not alone. A Kane County family law attorney can help you take legal steps to stopping domestic violence. Acquiring an Order of Protection is usually the first and most important step in preventing further incidents and protecting your family.

It is critical that you act fast, as soon as you finish reading this. Domestic violence is a problem that gets worse when it is left untreated. Never take for granted that the behavior is going to stop on its own accord. Even if you still love your partner, abuse is not something that you or anyone else should tolerate. Domestic assault is a crime. Take action by hiring a Kane County family law attorney that understands your rights and how you can exercise them fully.

An order of protection may be granted in situations where anyone in your household has been the victim of abuse. That means that the order of protection can be extended to your children, your parents, and any other family members living under your roof. Also keep in mind that an order of protection can be issued alongside other assurances of your safety and comfort. For example, if you are currently dependent financially on an abusive spouse but still want an order of protection, the courts can order the abuser to pay child support or spousal maintenance. An order can be extended to protect you at work, or to protect your children at school.

You do not need to live in fear. If you call a Kane County family attorney now, you can gain the legal protections you deserve. Whether you are still married or are in the process of seeking a divorce, take action by a Kane County family law attorney now.

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