How Long Am I Responsible for My Children’s College Expenses in Dupage County?

When you and your ex get divorced, you may be found responsible for paying for your children’s collegiate expenses. Your adult children or your ex can take advantage of this arrangement, which may force you to talk to a DuPage County child support lawyer. Learn more about How long am I responsible for my children’s college expenses.

What is Included When Paying for Secondary Education?

College is expensive. Not only will you have to pay for tuition, but you’ll also have to pay for living expenses, books, and more. If adult children live with a parent instead of living on campus, it can reduce the cost of living expenses.

HOW Long Am I Responsible for my Children’s College Expenses

There are several reasons why you may stop paying for a child’s college education.

1. Poor Grades

If you support your child during school, you expect them to keep up with the grades. The courts have the same expectation. Your child will be expected to keep up with a GPA of 2.0. If a child falls below the desired GPA, they will need to improve their grades immediately or demonstrate a good reason for falling behind, such as a chronic illness.

2. Graduation

When your child graduates, they will be expected to go find a job. Therefore, you will not need to pay for their education anymore.

3. Age

Your child cannot continue their education to receive financial support. In most cases, children are expected to have finished their secondary education by the age of 23, but the age may vary based on the child support agreement.

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