How Long Can I Expect My Reconsideration For SSDI To Take?

Reconsideration for your turned down SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) can take a long time.  But depending on your disability status and other important factors, the time could be shorter or longer than normal.  This article will look into this important issue.

If your SSDI claim has been disallowed, it can seem like the end of the world.  If, after hoping for six or eight or ten weeks for a positive decision, the Social Security Administration turns you down, it can look like you will get no money.  But all is not lost.

Getting turned down is the time you need to be proactive, and perhaps contact an attorney to help you in having Social Security reconsider your claim.  You have only 60 days to file for reconsideration of your claim.

Social Security says that your application for disability benefits can take three to five months to process.  It can take even longer to appeal a denied claim.

The good news is that the first reconsideration is likely to take no longer that your initial application time — about eight weeks. There are usually four levels of appeal: • Reconsideration; • Hearing by an administrative law judge; • Review by the Appeals Council; and • Federal Court review.

It is important that your claim is complete for the reconsideration process.  The time it takes to get a decision on your disability application can vary widely, depending on What kind of disability you have; Getting your medical evidence from your doctor or another medical source in a timely manner; Whether it is necessary to send you for a medical examination; and Whether your application is reviewed for quality purposes.

Remember that Social Security disability requires that you be unable to work at your previous job and that you cannot be trained for a new job, and that your disability lasts for at least one year.

So it is very important that you follow all the rules, have all relevant medical records, all witnesses, and all financial records.  Have someone who knows the Social Security reconsideration process review all your documents and witnesses.  Cross all your “t’s” and dot all your “i’s.” Leave nothing to chance.

So your first job is to make your initial claim and/or your reconsideration as perfect as possible.  That where an experienced attorney like Sheryl Gandel Mazur, with offices in West Caldwell and Absecon, can help you.