How Often Should You Replace Your Ink Cartridges?

Inkjet printers dispense ink from ink cartridges onto the paper when printing your documents and images. When the ink in the cartridges runs out, you need to replace them. However, anyone who has owned a printer knows that ink cartridges are expensive. How often do you need to replace inkjet printer ink cartridges? Here are some tips to help you find out.

Printer Warning

Some printers provide a warning when the ink is getting low and should be replaced. However, some consumers find that when the go to replace the cartridge after that warning, there’s still a considerable amount of ink left in it. If your printer allows you to keep printing after this warning, keep printing until the appearance of your documents starts to change.

If your printer doesn’t let you keep printing after the warning, there are tricks you can look up for how to trick it into thinking you replaced the cartridge. Do this at your own risk, though. It is possible that using a cartridge that’s too low for too long could damage your printer.

Faded Documents

Some printers don’t have a warning when the ink gets low. The only indication that the ink needs to be changed is when the color of your documents changes and fades. When you notice this, you should change the cartridge before you print any more. Running a printer with the ink too low can damage its parts.

However, if you need time to buy a replacement cartridge but still have to print, you can buy yourself some time. If one of the color cartridges is low, run the printer on black and white only until you can replace the color cartridge.

Inkjet cartridges aren’t cheap. Printers also aren’t cheap, though. You want to be sure you’re not replacing your cartridges too soon, but you also don’t want to damage your printer. If you pay attention to the warning signs, you should be able to print in peace.

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