How Often Should You See an Eye Specialist in Huntsville, AL?

If you are someone who has corrective lenses or some other kind of vision issues, you should see an eye specialist about once a year. Most optometrists recommend that you come at least every year, but some will recommend you come more often. For example, if you have a vision problem that is likely to progress beyond just normal vision issues, you might need to see an optometrist more often. Furthermore, those who have not been to an expert in over a year should schedule appointments at their earliest convenience.

Types of Vision Issues

There are many different vision issues that would require you to see an eye specialist in Huntsville, AL. One of the most common is a standard astigmatism. Astigmatism is an irregularity in the curvature of the eye. This means that the eye does not refract light evenly onto the retina. Usually, this results in difficulty focusing the eyes at a distance; this is the most common type of vision problem.

Astigmatism is easily treated by corrective lenses from us. If you have vision problems, you should consult with an expert for the right lenses.

Types of Appointments

There are several different types of appointments that you can make with an eye specialist. A general checkup is an appointment in which the optometrist will gauge your vision and the health of your eyes. For a more specialized appointment, you need to tell the clinic exactly why you’re calling. You could get an appointment because of eye redness, swelling, dryness, pain, or any number of other issues.

There are problems that can only be addressed by multiple appointments but you won’t know until you speak with a professional about what you’re feeling. You should call sooner rather than later. That is the best way to have your issues addressed by a professional.