How Pediatric Dentists in Clifton Park NY Can Help Your Child Fight Gingivitis

With the eruption of the first baby tooth parents usually decide to buy their child a silver spoon and a toothbrush. From early childhood the habit of regularly brushing your baby’s teeth should become an art. Daily activities for the care of teeth and gums allow your children to avoid widespread diseases like gingivitis, which can be a serious issue for oral hygiene later down the road. Here are some tips provided by Pediatric Dentists in Clifton Park NY.

Gingivitis is the most common dental disease in children. It is an inflammation of the gums resulting from the adverse effects of local and systemic factors. In children, it is quite common: at the age of two to four years, its prevalence is 2%, and to thirteen years gingivitis is in varying degrees. It is already apparent in 80% of children.

Often times gingivitis is not paid attention to because it can easily be cured, but to avoid more serious problems you should practice daily hygiene. You should also schedule regular check-ups with your local and Pediatric Dental Clinic in Clifton Park. However, if you start noticing the signs, mainly inflammation of the gums, which move to other periodontal tissues -: it’s time to call a dentist. This is when it becomes a chronic condition, and the symptoms will usually spiral out of control.

What triggers gingivitis and how it develops

Gingivitis occurs in a child under the influence of a number of factors. Their impact grows functionally on immature tissue of the gums and this easily provokes the beginning of the inflammatory process. In this case, the occurrence of gingivitis is often accompanied by a decrease in resistance of the organism.

How to help your child?

Treatment of gingivitis in children is almost exactly like the treatment in adults. The only difference is the use of drugs: Kids use softer, sparing drugs. The first step in the treatment of gingivitis is a professional cleaning – removal of solids and soft plaque from the tooth surface. It can be done in different ways: by mechanical cleaning to ultrasonic methods.

The next stage is educating the child in hygienic handling and in selecting a toothbrush, its bristles should be soft. This is so it massages the gums; and the toothpaste should contain extracts of medicinal plants. Regular visits to the dentist’s office is a must. Visit Capital District Pediatric Dentistry Clifton Park NY for more information.

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