One of the most important things to do whenever planning for the future is to make sure you have the correct starting information. As a Registered Financial Consultant, Matt Dixon often hears information from his clients that they assumed was true but was a myth.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people online providing information that is inaccurate, outdated, and even harmful for those in Greenville, SC, trying to plan for retirement. Talking to Matt Dixon is a simple way to get accurate information and to have a proven strategy for building your retirement wealth over time.

To help understand these retirement myths, a few of the most common issues are found online or shared on social media.

Myth: There is a magic number

There is no number that is the ideal retirement amount for all people. This is where working with Matt Dixon helps to provide a custom approach to retirement. Some people in Greenville, SC, may find their expenses drop significantly, while others may plan to travel, which may increase their spending. Knowing your plans allows for a customized approach to building your savings.

Myth: I can always work

While many people choose to work full or part-time into their late sixties or even beyond, this is not always possible. Health issues are often a factor that limits people’s abilities to work as they age. Other issues, such as the ability to do the job, can also impact the individual even if they want to continue to work.

Planning is possible to offset these issues. Meeting with a Registered Financial Consultant is the first step for anyone in Greenville, SC.