How to Buy the Best Fresh Lobster

Who doesn’t love lobster? The answer to that question might be: anyone who hasn’t enjoyed a fresh lobster! When it comes to this gift from the sea, fresher is always better. There are also a few ways to know when you’re getting the best lobster – and when to throw the catch of the day back!

When preparing to buy fresh lobster in Boston, keep these tips in mind to ensure that you get the freshest, most flavorful lobster possible.

Tip #1 – Know the Type of Lobster You’re Looking At

There are two types of lobster available for purchase. While the differences in flavor and texture are minor, those who truly enjoy the taste of lobster will surely want to know how to choose between them.

For the sweetest, most tender lobster, choose an animal that has recently shed. These soft-shelled lobsters are typically sweeter and have softer meat beneath that soft shell. Harder shell lobsters are typically a bit tougher, but they also travel better. If you can’t buy directly from a seaside merchant or the person who caught the lobster, opt for these lobsters for a heartier, meatier bite.

Tip #2 – Eat It – Before It Eats Itself!

While lobsters don’t eat themselves, they do begin to consume their nutrients as soon as they are pulled from the water. These nutrients are the source of lobster’s flavor, so be sure to eat your lobster as soon as possible to avoid flavor loss!

Tip #3 – The Only Size that Matters is Antennae Size

Lobsters kept in a tank together will nibble on one another’s antennae. For the freshest lobster, choose an animal with long, unblemished antennae. This way, you’ll know you’re the only one who’s been eating it!

Tip #4 – Buy Local, Buy Fresh

There’s no better way to ensure freshness and flavor than buying close to the source. Buy your fresh lobster in Boston for the very best in seaside freshness, as well as knowledgeable service from your fishmonger or salesman. For the true Boston experience, check out one of the many lobster restaurants and distributors in Quincy Market for a delicious bite tonight!

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