How to Care for Your Pup After Dog Orthopedic Surgery

It is difficult to watch a family pet go through surgery and recovery. While good veterinarians will tell pet owners how to care for their pet after orthopedic surgery, there are quite a few tips that can help the dog heal much faster and make his recovery period more comfortable. Follow these two tips to keep the family canine happy and healthy following Dog Orthopedic Surgery.

Care for the Bandage/Cast

Caring for the cast or bandage is one of the most important recovery tips. If the cast or bandage is not properly cared for, the dog could end up with a serious infection. In order to care for a bandage or cast, make sure it is examined daily. If there is a strange discharge or foul smell coming from the incision site, make sure the dog is taken to the vet immediately. Keeping a “cone” on the head of a dog is also a great way to deter the dog from chewing or biting at his cast or bandage. Refrain from giving the dog a bath while he is still in recovery. The bandaged area should never get wet. If the dog needs to go outside to use the bathroom and it is raining, wrap the bandaged area up with a heavy duty garbage bag. This will keep any moisture away from the cast/bandage and the incision site.

Monitor Activity

While a dog is in recovery, make sure to monitor his physical activity. Do not get the dog excited and wound up. This will cause the dog to jump, rough house, and want to play. Unfortunately, rough housing with the dog during recovery can just cause the healing process to be delayed or it could end up causing additional injury to the dog. Notice if the dog is active, eating, drinking, and walking about as normal. A lethargic dog is a serious problem. A dog that is not eating, drinking, or moving much typically means the dog is very sick. If this is the case, the dog needs medical attention as soon as possible.

Follow these two tips and to care for a dog after Dog Orthopedic Surgery. Also, make sure to follow the additional tips the veterinarian has supplied regarding post operative care. For any information regarding dog surgery, contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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