How to Choose Steel Trench Shoring Equipment

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Business

There are many different types of trench shields and shoring equipment, as every job calls for a different solution. However, on average, construction workers tend to lean more towards the steel variety. It’s easy to see why; steel is tough, sturdy, and can take the kind of punishment an accident on site may cause. But not all metals are created equal, not even ones of the same type. If you are looking for a good trench shield in Monterey CA, here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right equipment for the job.

#1. The job
The most important step, and of course the first, is what kind of job you’re looking at here. What sort of trenches need shoring, and what will the trench shields be doing? Also, what will they be put through in terms of punishment, in the event of an accident? These are all important questions to ask when considering what you want to use for your job.

#2. Money you’re willing to spend is on the line
These two concerns mirror each other, as they both share a common thread: the money you’ll have to spend. Both for the equipment itself, and for the usage/potential accidents of that equipment. Even if you have top of the line insurance, you’ll still have to pay some fraction of the cost. Run the numbers to see if what you’ll have to spend fits neatly into the budget you’re prepared to spend for the equipment. Be sure not to go overbudget, otherwise you won’t have the money to pay off the collateral of any accidents that may happen. Keeping a good mind of the money you’re willing to spend, and how much money is on the line, is a good way of determining what kind of trench shoring equipment is best for you.

#3. Pressure rating
How much pressure is this equipment going to be put under? Every trench structure is rated to a specific quality of pressure. Anything too high above that is when they start to break down. Run the estimates to see how much pressure the job ahead will put on the trench structure, and then make your decision accordingly. Even if you get a great deal on some equipment, it won’t matter much when the pressure from a particularly heavy load snaps the metal in half.

Choosing the right trench shoring equipment is hard. In the thought process there’s considerations of cost, of the specifics of the job, and the punishment the equipment is going to be put through during that job. But keeping all three of these factors in mind will help you reach the right decision.

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