How to Confirm Insurance for Roofers in Bremerton Wa

Having a roofing system worked on by professionals roofers is sometime necessary when the job is too in depth or time-consuming. When a homeowner needs has not used the services of a roofer in a while, it will be necessary to find the right one. Part of this search involves the verification of a roofer’s insurance. The following guidelines can be used for this task.

It’s important to remember that many states mandate Roofers in Bremerton Wa to have a certain level of insurance to legally conduct business. Other states make this optional. When a homeowner is interviewing a roofer, it’s prudent to ask the roofer for the name of his insurance representative to confirm insurance coverage. A homeowner can call this insurance representative at a later time to request a certificate of insurance. A roofer may offer to show a homeowner his own certificate of insurance or a copy or his actual insurance policy. When this happens, a person should politely decline. It’s important to only accept this document from a reliable insurance agent to safeguard against fraud.

When a homeowner requests this document from an insurance agent, the agent may have to get verbal or written permission from the roofer. Once this is received, a certificate of insurance can usually be faxed or mailed to the person requesting it. This document is not a copy of an active insurance policy. It does, however, contain details about such as policy. A roofer should have a minimal level of general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. This will help protect a homeowner in case a roofer is hurt while working on his roof. A person should ensure to only have work done on his home if it falls on the insurance effective date, the day before the policy expiration date, or any days in between these two days.

Confirming insurance will take a little bit of time. However, it’s necessary to keep a homeowner from being sued by an uninsured Roofers in Bremerton Wa. For information on roofing services, a person can talk to a professional like that ones at Hanley Roofing. This company can handle many services such as repairs and maintenance for residential and commercial customers.