When buying tablecloths for a wedding, event, or special dinner you want to make sure you get just the right size. Even when companies are able to exchange for the right size, it just makes things much easier and simpler to know how to choose the right size of round tablecloths for any table.

To make planning easy most reception halls, community centers, and wedding or event venues will be able to provide you with specific information about the size of their tables. This will make choosing round tablecloths much easier as you can simply order based on the table size provided.

The Importance of the Right Size

Even with the table size you will still need to know how much of a drop you want on the tablecloth. The drop is the distance the tablecloth will hang down from the surface of the table. Too short of a drop will look awkward and can pose the very real risk of items being pulled off the table is someone catches the edge of the fabric when they stand up.

With round tablecloths in particular, too long of a drop poses a risk of the cloth catching around the leg or a chair, on the seat of the chair, or even under the feet if it is on the floor. This not only can result in a trip as someone stands up, but it also can result in the tablecloth being pulled down and the person ending up with food or beverage in their lap.

Measuring Basics

There isn’t a lot of math involved in choosing the right size of round tablecloths once you know the diameter of the table. Simply measure straight across, and double check to make sure you are going through the center point of the table top.

For a wedding that is casual and modern, add 12 to 20 inches for a very slight drop. This is often the option chosen for a daytime wedding reception or an outdoor reception or event.

For a more formal evening dinner or an evening wedding reception, the round tablecloths will be longer and just about reach the floor but not hang on the floor itself. Typically measure the diameter of the table and add 60 inches to get the desired length.

All round tablecloths come in standard sizes, and not all banquet or facility round tables are standard. In the event of an odd size choose the next smallest and not the next largest for formal dining as it will still provide a significant and classic style drop without being too much fabric.

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