How To Find An Online Statistics Tutor

If your student struggles with Statistics, he or she is not alone. It’s a complicated subject matter and many kids who do well in math struggle. Therefore, an online tutor may be in order, but it can be hard to know which one to select. Tutoring has become increasingly popular with classrooms filling up and teachers unable to provide one-on-one learning. Learning some tips may make it easier to find tutoring options for your child.


The first thing to do is find a few tutors that you want to consider and then check their qualifications. The best online Statistics tutor is one that loves their job but has the formal education to teach others. They should provide your student with high-quality services and be trained in the topic you need.


Your child will be working with this person for an extended time, so it’s important that your child likes the character of the tutors you choose. It may be helpful to let them talk together before making a final decision..

Listening Skills

Tutors are there, not just to teach, but to listen to what the students say. They may be trying to explain why they have a problem or may be trying to answer a particularly hard problem.

Teach What’s Necessary

The online Statistics tutor you choose must understand all the topics typically taught in the class. These can include outliers, least squares, factorials, Bayes’ Theorem, prediction interval, Central Limit Theorem and more. If you are unsure of what is provided, you can always contact the company and find out before making a decision, especially if your student faces difficulties with one particular subject matter.

If your student is struggling in his statistics class, an online statistics tutor may be the answer. Growing Stars online statistics tutor will provide parents and students with a baseline test, and also provide regular testing throughout the tutoring process.

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