How to find the best commercial hand dryers

With the number of manufacturers of hand dryers, including inexpensive imports; it is becoming harder to find the best commercial hand dryers. If you read the specifications, one dryer looks very much like the next, but this is far from true. There are a number of things that separate the best from the “not so good.”

The types of hand dryers:

Commercial hand dryers are coming into their own; many facility managers have seen the benefits of hand dryers over paper towels. With the increase in hand dryer suppliers comes an increase in the options that are commonly available.

  • Conventional hand dryers: These are the least expensive models, they do the job but with no options. These units are operated with a push button, they run for preset lengths of time and take 30 to 45 seconds to properly dry hands. These units are affordable, but they are slow and consume more energy than other types.
  • High-speed hand dryers: These models are push button operated by work much faster, they can dry hands in as little as 10 seconds. These dryers are fast, use less power to operate but are costly and quite noisy.
  • Automatic hand dryers: Automatic hand dryers are efficient; they only operate when user’s hands are under the air outlet. There is no push button; they turn on and off by the sensor. Many people find the best commercial hand dryers to be these types; there is no need to come into contact with the dryer which makes them more sanitary.

When looking for the best commercial hand dryers, building administrators must bear in mind initial cost, a speed of operation, power, noise, energy consumption, durability, and hygiene.

Commercial hand dryers are good for property owners as there are no consumables, they are good for users because they never run out which paper towels do and they are good for the environment as there is no waste to dispose of.

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