How to Get Compensation in Florida Under the Lemon Law Act

When individuals purchase a new or used car in Florida, they could be eligible for compensation under this state’s Lemon Law act if their car has ongoing issues and meet certain criteria. This law allows the purchaser to sue the dealer or seller to either buy back the damaged vehicle or replace it with another vehicle with similar characteristics. Florida Lemon Law is surprisingly not well known to ordinary car owners. Many vehicle owners assume that if the car is not operating at the optimal function that they were out of the money lost by selling the damaged vehicle.

It is never a good idea to try and fight this compensation battle without the assistance of a credible attorney well versed in Florida Lemon Law situations. Car dealers often tell the consumer that they are looking into the matter. Most of the time they are doing absolutely nothing to resolve the situation. Their goal is to wait for the consumer out hoping they will fold and junk or sell the vehicle. This is why hiring an experienced lemon law attorney is paramount to getting this situation favorably resolved. Most lemon law attorneys do offer free consultations when they will thoroughly review your particular circumstances.

These attorneys have access to the paper documentation that every sold car has. Sellers do not usually give this information to the buyers. If an attorney proves that the seller is liable due to knowing of a car defect well before the sale, the buyer is more apt to get compensated. There are certain rules that each party needs to follow before a buyer has the legal right to file a lawsuit. Discover the details pertinent to Florida Lemon Law by accessing Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® online for a free review.

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