How to Get Debt Help From the Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tacoma WA

There are many reasons that can cause a person to get in over their heads with debt. When debts begin to rise and the creditors are constantly harassing, it is time to seek help from the Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tacoma WA. Getting help from a lawyer can make the process much easier to go through and will give the individual the guidance they need for making the right decisions in the process.

How to Get Legal Help

To get started on the process, it is important the individual is prepared for the consultation with the Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tacoma WA. To this meeting, the individual will need to bring in their financial records and information on the assets they own. They will also need to provide proof of income.

There are a couple of types of bankruptcy that can be offered to a person who is dealing with too much debt, depending on the types of debt they owe and their income. Chapter 7 is one of the fastest types to settle and is typically considered the easiest to pursue. If the individual’s income does not exceed that of the median in the state, the person will likely be approved. This type of bankruptcy is often settled within six months.

Another type of bankruptcy is Chapter 13 and this is referred to as the wage earner’s bankruptcy. When someone files for this type, they need to be prepared to pay a monthly payment to the courts each month as a part of their restructured payment plan. The individual or couple is typically given three to five years and during that time they must follow the payment plan to ensure their debts are brought under control before the time period is up.

Learn More Today

If you are dealing with more debt than your current income can handle, there is legal help available. Call the attorney today to schedule an appointment to get started. They will be happy to help you every step of the way, including handling all the paperwork. Allow them to help you legally overcome your debts with bankruptcy.