How to Get the Most Out of Wire EDM

There are many professional wire EDM services who can perform the job well for you. However, it is a complex task that requires just the right service, training, and tools to get right. This quick guide will tell you how to find the right one for the best value:

1. Low Quantity Projects

While many retailers require bulk orders of goods, wire EDM, according to tool suppliers, are better suited for low quantity orders or production of prototypes. You may use the same factory for production of larger orders or final products, but you will find wire EDM services more cost effective for small scale jobs.

2. Reliability

Mold Making Technology says that reliability of the machines is an important factor for EDM services, more so even than the speed of the machine. This is because it requires critical control to get the best performance from the machine, which can’t always be done with speed. This means that turnaround times will typically be higher than with other types of manufacturing order, but the quality will still be assured. The machinery also needs to cut difficult shapes, sometimes from particularly hard materials, which isn’t possible with other types of machinery.

3. The Right Company

There are many factories which supply wire EDM, some of which even specialize exclusively on the area. No matter what factory you use, you need to ensure they know the area well, that their staff are well trained, and they are investing in and using the latest technology to deliver the best possible results, even for the most precise measurements and most delicate jobs.

If you think that wire EDM is ideal for your manufacturing project, consult with a local factory to find out if they are equipped to handle it and how they can help you to fill your order.

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