How to Improve WordPress Website Design in Denver

WordPress is one of the most commonly used blogging platforms. In most cases, people keep using the default themes, which can lead to performance issues. Nonetheless, there are actually various tips that you can follow for improving your WordPress website design in Denver.

Choosing the Right Theme

WordPress offers hundreds of themes to website designers. They separate the design components of the website from the page’s content, which means you won’t have to change the content while changing the layout. So, if you are currently using a free theme, it’s likely to slow down the loading speed. This is why you must choose a theme that’s speed-optimized.

In addition, you can get the themes customized by reputed companies like Tree Ring Digital. The customized themes are perfect for achieving high-speed performance and a brand-oriented layout.

Content Optimization

Website content plays an important role in website speed, and every type of content has a different loading speed. For instance, text-based content loads quicker, while videos take time to load. So, while you are redoing the WordPress website design in Denver, the video and image content should be speed-optimized. In addition, the website design company can help optimize the CSS code to automate the content-optimization process.

PHP Flush

PHP flush is one of the best ways of speeding up the WordPress website. This is because this code forces the web server to send the website header before sending the remaining website content. As a result, the browser gets time to download the stylesheets that are referenced in the header.