How to Inspect Shingle Roofing in Nassau

A roofing system acts as an insulator, weather barrier, and aesthetic enhancer. With so many important functions, it’s essential for roofing in Nassau County NY to perform at optimal levels. Because of constant exposure to sunlight, rain, and other outdoor factors, a roofing system can deteriorate over time. With regular inspections, a homeowner can find a problem before it progresses or stop one from occurring. The following guidelines can help a person inspect his roofing system.

Before a homeowner inspects Roofing in Nassau County NY, he needs to have on slip-resistant shoes to prevent falling. Fall-protective gear should be used, such as a rope and a harness. A roof should only be inspected when it’s dry and there is plenty of sunlight. A person can perform this job from the ground, on a ladder, or from the rooftop. From the ground, a person will need a pair of binoculars. Any ladder that is used should be in good condition and placed on a sturdy surface. A flashlight with a high-intensity beam will be needed to view the underside of the roof in the attic.

To start an inspection, a person should overlap areas examined to ensure that spots are not missed. Look for missing or damaged shingles. Mark the spot with a small flag. These shingles can be repaired or replaced at a later time. Valleys on roofs should be viewed carefully. Water tends to pool in these areas. Standing water can cause a leak. Flashing should be checked. Look for rusted flashing or flashing with holes in it. This will enable water to enter the interior of a home. Inspect the gutter system carefully. Individual gutter sections should be secured to the sides of the roof. Look at the downspouts. There should not be obstacles that prevent water from exiting the roof correctly.

An inspection will also include looking at the attic. When there are signs of damage, it’s advisable to have them fixed promptly. For more information on roof inspections and other roofing services, please browse our website. The company can handle residential and commercial roofing services to produce satisfied customers.

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