How to Keep Your Septic Healthy in Roswell, Georgia

Septic tanks provide a great value to people that live in outlying and remote areas in Georgia, especially where it’s impossible or cost prohibitive to provide an infrastructure for waste handling and treatment. Once a septic system is set up, owners must follow recommended maintenance procedures so it operates properly and, in a worse case scenario, avoids an expensive replacement.

The easiest and most important way to care for a septic in Roswell, Georgia, is to pump the tank at regular intervals. If that is not possible, then your septic will show signs that pumping is necessary. Following are some of these signs.

Slow drainage

If your toilets, showers, sinks and appliances are draining at a slower rate than normal, then you are likely experiencing a hint that your septic tank is ready for pumping. Sludge, water and more may be slowing down drainage, and you could receive a less-than-desirable back-up if you continue to wait.

Unpleasant Odor

A full septic will send gases back up your drainage pipes and out from your drains, shower and other areas. You may want to cancel visitors and stay elsewhere until the septic is drained. The odor carries fumes and more that can make people ill.

Drain Field Greenery

If the grass above your drain field is greener and more lush than the surrounding grass, then it’s probably time to pump the septic. This is a sign that the water being released contains waste that is acting like fertilizer, which should not be the case.

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