How to Make the Most From a Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are increasingly becoming an integral part of marketing and promoting for a new product or service. They create a buzz and provide an opportunity for journalists to write about new releases before they are officially available. But booths are still a large investment so businesses need to get the most value out of them. Here are just a few ways to achieve this:

1. Choose the Right Shows

It may be tempting to set up at any show or event that is even remotely related to your industry. This will only waste your budget and resources. Instead, choose a few choice shows for your industry each year to set up your custom trade show exhibits. You will find they will provide you with a much bigger impact and bring you in touch with your core customer base.

2. Hire the Best Staff

As well as the look of your booth, your sales team will make all the difference so hire the best people you can to work the show who will be approachable but not forceful. The Huffington Post suggests having a sales contest as a motivator with a genuine prize for the winner.

3. Atmosphere

Even in a professional environment, you don’t need to make your custom trade show exhibits feel like a stuffy business meeting. By making your booth feel hospitable with refreshments, comfortable chairs, demonstrations, and free gifts, people will want to stay there longer and will have a much more positive impression of you afterwards. Brandwatch says that people will naturally flock to somewhere with free snacks and drinks during a long day of walking around.

By being selective about where you host a booth, choosing the right sales staff, and being original and hospitable, you can make this large part of your promotion budget work for you and easily return on the investment.

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