How to Make Your Wedding Photo Booth Even More Fun

When you’re planning a wedding or other major life event, you want it to be the most memorable occasion possible. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, you want to be free to socialize and enjoy the moment, and you want everyone to be able to take a little piece of the fun home with them and remember your big day forever. How can you check all those boxes? Here’s how to use a photo booth to make your day the biggest and best:

Dress It Up

If your wedding is a theme-heavy affair, consider dressing up your photo booth to match. Begin with a class photo booth setup, then add décor around the outside and props for guests to use inside to make it more on-theme. You’d be amazed what a little accessorizing can do!

Customize on the Fly

Something guests love at weddings is when photo booths or other prop stations are customizable. Consider a chalk or whiteboard that guests can doodle on before snapping photos with to create truly personalized favors.

Make It a Kissing Booth

Want to up the romance factor of your big day? Hang a cute sign outside your photo booth that prompts your guests to share a smooch of their own in front of the camera!

Use It for Your Guestbook

Many photo booths available for wedding and event rental can be used to create a guestbook that tracks who took photos and offers you a book-style copy of all those images. Consider taking it one step further by hanging signage or asking an attendant to make sure all your guests drop by the booth and take photos to ensure that every smiling face makes it into the finished book.

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