How To Obtain A Medical Card As A Seasonal Resident Of Fort Myers, FL

Ft. Myers, FL, is a wonderful place to live throughout the year. It is particularly attractive to people from colder states in the winter months, where the temperatures allow individuals to walk around in t-shirts and shorts and spend time on the beach throughout the year.

This influx of people created a problem for those with medical marijuana cards in their home state visiting Florida. It is illegal to transport medical marijuana across state lines, and out of state medical MMJ cards are not typically accepted at Florida dispensaries.

While the “snowbirds” can obtain a medical card in Fort Myers, FL, they have a few important things to verify before the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) provides the MMJ card to non-residents.

Medical Records

Just like residents, non-residents or seasonal residents must meet the same qualifying medical and psychological condition requirements as residents. Having access to those records to submit with the application to see the medical marijuana doctor is important to avoid a delay.

Most medical records are now available in electronic form. People planning to winter in Florida can also bring hard copies of the forms or have them available on their device to send to the medical marijuana doctor.

Proof of Part-Time Residency

Each seasonal resident applying for a medical card must be able to prove they have been in the state for at least 31 consecutive days and that they are staying for a significant period of time.

The state will accept copies of leases, rentals, proof of property ownership in the state, or several other documentation options. Once seasonal residency is established, obtaining the MMJ card requires the recommendation of an MMJ doctor in the state.