How to Pay My Bill Without A Bank Account in Florida

No matter how careful people are about not using credit and paying cash for purchases, some types of services in Florida, and throughout the USA, are billed on a monthly basis. This includes phone services, utilities, television services, and other recurring bills.

Paying these bills is often done through an electronic transfer from a bank account. However, there are a significant number of people in Florida without a bank account, or without an account that allows for electronic bill payment.

For these individuals, the question of where to pay my bill becomes even more critical. There are some choices to consider that can be instrumental in bridging the gap and ensuring payments arrive on time.

Bill Payment Services

A simple solution to the question of how to pay my bill can be found through a top check cashing service. These services can immediately cash a check and then provide electronic bill payment from their system.

This is ideal for many people as it allows all bills to be paid in one location and through an automated system. With a printed receipt of the bill payment from the check cashing company, customers have a record of payment if there is ever any question about the payment from the creditor.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Another easy and practical way to pay my bill to any company is to choose to cash a check and have it loaded onto a prepaid debit card. These cards, from recognized credit card providers, offer a secure way to manage bill payment from your home computer, smartphone app or even directly in stores or through agent offices.

Secure, safe and easy to carry, these prepaid cards make it easy to budget as well as to avoid the cost of money orders, the risk of mailing payments and the need to open a bank account.

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