How to Prepare for Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon, IL

The notion of oral surgery is not an attractive one. Millions of patients throughout the United States undergo oral surgery each year. However, few understand how to properly prepare for their procedure. Generally, oral surgery is an outpatient procedure. Even though there are many different types of oral surgery, the preparation for these experiences is universal. This being noted, it’s best to discuss exact preparation requirements with the oral surgeon.

Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon IL is typically performed in medical offices, such as those at The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. However, serious surgeries may be required to be done at local hospitals. Regardless, preparation for surgery begins the night before. The most important preparation element is finalizing transportation arrangements. Because patients will be fully or partially sedated, they are not allowed to operate a vehicle. It’s important to flesh out these details well-before the surgery to prevent, or reduce, anxiousness.

In regards to anxiety, eliminate unnecessary fear by understanding surgical steps. Prior to surgery, have the surgeon discuss the procedure. Write down questions beforehand to ensure all necessary information is covered. The biggest trigger of anxiety is the fear of the unknown. Therefore, spend time researching the procedure. Become as educated as possible regarding procedures and post-surgical care.

In addition, patients are forbidden from eating eight to 12 hours prior to surgery. As a general rule of thumb, prepare to avoid food and drink after midnight. However, diabetic patients may be allowed to eat a light breakfast prior to surgery. If the surgery will require a local anesthetic, patients may consume a small meal 1 to 2 hours prior to surgery.

Thoroughly brush and floss teeth before the procedure, and restrain from smoking in the 12 hours preceding surgery. Use this as an opportunity to quit smoking as patients are forbidden from smoking for at least 24-hours after surgery. To help stave off potential infections, patients may be prescribed medications. Make sure to take any pre-surgery medications while food is still in your system. Preferably, medications will be consumed during dinner.

Oral Surgery Gaithersburg may be a scary proposition. Yet, with proper preparation anxiety and fear can be thwarted.