How To Select The Best Ruby Rings

Ruby rings have a spectacular red color that is one of the prettiest hues in gemstone rings. Whether you are looking for a unique Mother’s day gift, Christmas gift, or Anniversary present, ruby rings make the perfect choice. You will enjoy the look of delight on your loved one’s face when you present them with a vibrant and deeply hued gemstone ring as a gift. However it helps to know just how to choose the best ruby rings to ensure that the ring is long lasting and durable.

Evaluating your ruby ring

Ruby rings are one of the most expensive of gemstone rings but they are also the top ranking durable ones. They rank a number 9 on the Mohs scale which means they can probably withstand everyday wear. When choosing from the available ruby rings, it helps to know just what to look for. To determine the ruby’s quality, color is one of the primary components to keep in mind. The main color or hue of the ring should be red although some rubies also exhibit orange or violet hues.

Country of origin

Ruby rings can have their gemstones sourced from a variety of different places. When you are selecting ruby rings, it is important to note that the best rubies typically come from Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Madagascar, or Burma. Prior to purchasing ruby rings, it helps to ask the jewelry shop where they sourced the ring from so you can see if it is from one of these places. This is one of the qualifiers you can use when it is time to shop for ruby rings for your loved one.

Ruby rings have a vivacious brilliance and make the perfect gifts for your loved one to treasure forever.

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