How to Serve Traditional Fruit Cake

For many people, the choice of serving traditional fruit cake is an excellent one. It provides an opportunity to offer wonderful flavor combinations, and it can provide just enough uniqueness that guests will ask for more (or even the recipe). When choosing a fruit cake to have with dinner or even for a special event, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. The good news is a wide range of options exist to help you to enjoy a wonderful dessert with your meal with ample flavor and incredible spice.

Let It Stand Alone

The most common way of serving traditional fruit cake is just by the slice. You really do not need to top it with anything. You also do not need to add any ice cream or extras to it. This is because these cakes are very moist, to begin with. This brings with it intense flavor, too. Depending on the version of fruit cake you purchase – from those with fruits and nuts to those with or without alcohol – you will want to offer a basic beverage. Coffee is ideal for many. However, some may wish to sample it with a bit of dairy to help to cool the pallet. While it does not offer a spicy flavor, this type of fruit cake has a strong taste to love. Cleansing the pallet is important in between bites. This is especially true since every bite is a bit different from the last.

When choosing traditional fruit cake, aim for something special. Look for those with the fruits and nut combinations you like. You may wish to offer several options for those who may be a bit picker or those who may want to try more than one flavor. The good news is this is a dessert many will love.