How to Start a Nonprofit in MN: Your First Steps

Learning how to start a nonprofit in MN does not have to be as hard as it may seem. Minnesota’s laws on nonprofits are very clearly defined. And many well-qualified organizations have found that obtaining nonprofit status in the state is well worth doing. But, getting there does not mean the process is simplistic. That is, it takes very careful planning and attention to the legal system. Working with a well-qualified attorney can help minimize the risks that are so common in this area.

What Goes Into Becoming an MN Nonprofit?

To learn how to start a nonprofit in MN, begin with carefully outlining your organization and the work it does. Then, consider the steps it takes to get your organization recognized. First, you’ll need to incorporate through the Secretary of State’s Office.

The second step is to apply for 501(c) income tax exemption. This is done through the IRS. The process can be somewhat complex. However, with the right information and a properly completed form, it does not have to be a challenge. The third step to the process is to request sales tax exemption from the state. This is done through the Minnesota State Department of Revenue. Like working with the IRS, the process has to be done properly and accurately to avoid complications later.

When you consider how to start a nonprofit in MN, it does not have to be a challenging, multiple step process. However, getting it right is essential. That is why it is so important to work closely with a local nonprofit attorney who can ensure the process goes well and your risks are minimized. Take a closer look how to get started, and you might find that it is a straightforward process.

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