How to Use Landscape Curbing in Your Fort Myers, Florida Yard

Landscape curbing is the technique of using paver stones and bricks to create a “curb” around certain areas of your yard. Think of them as a sort of retaining wall that puts these areas on display and draws attention to them. The many different shapes, colors, and styles of landscape curb stones allow to you get quite creative. Landscape curbing in Fort Myers, FL is part of a “hardscaping” movement intent on making yardwork easier to manage.

Usually Done Around Planting Beds Near the Foundation

A lot of times you will see landscape curbing in Fort Myers, FL yards around the planting areas closest to the foundation of the home. The paver stones used to curve and wrap around from the front of the house to the sides and toward the back. Everything is securely planted and easier to manage within the boundaries created by the paver stones.

Red or Black Are the Most Popular Colors

The most popular colors for stones used in landscape curbing are brick red and black. There are other shades and mottled or mixed stone colors too. It just depends on how much you want the curbing to stand out in your yard.

The goal is to frame landscaped areas, but you can create some very striking details with these stones too. If you want, you can mix and match colors so long as the stones are the same style. If you want to see what your yard would look like with landscape curbing, contact Christian Hernandez Concrete, Inc.