How to Win a Battle of Child Custody in Dayton OH

A child custody battle is always a very difficult time for both the parents battling and the children involved. While obtaining a lawyer is the first step to a child custody case, there are also some other things that can be done in order to get the courts on your side and in order to not sabotage the chances of winning.

Encourage Relationships

For the children’s sake, never keep them away from the other parent or the other parents family. It is important that the child has both his/her mother and father in his/her life. It is also important that the child spends quality time with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins on both sides of the family. The courts will look down on parents who intentionally keep their children from one side of the family.

Never Bad Mouth

It may be difficult to keep negative thoughts to yourself while going through a battle of Child Custody in Dayton OH. However, it is important that the children never hear you bad mouth their other parent. Keep these thoughts to yourself or speak to another adult about the feelings in a private setting. Talking badly about the child’s mother or father while the child is around will only cause ill feelings for the child. A child who hears these types of comments may also remember them and bring them up while he/she is being interviewed regarding which parent he/she would prefer to stay with.

Obey Orders

While going through a child custody battle, the courts may forbid many things before the final arrangements are set in stone. Make sure to obey the orders. Never take children across state lines while involved in a child custody case. The only way the child can cross state lines is if the other parent has given written consent. Taking a child into another state during a custody case is a major way to sabotage your chances of winning full custody.

Follow these three simple tips to improve your chances of winning a battle of Child Custody in Dayton OH. For more information regarding child custody cases, contact your preferred lawyer or attorney.

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