How to Write a Resolution

The resolution is the ultimate goal of the model United Nations simulation. Though its importance is paramount, many participants are unsure of how to approach the creation of a resolution. Knowing how to write a resolution is a key skill for delegates and their chairs, and knowledge of how to do so will give confidence to participants to engage in the simulation more seriously and make their voices heard.

What is a Resolution?

As mentioned previously, the resolution is the primary goal of a United Nations session, and a Model United Nations simulation. The result of the suggestions and input of various members of the composite delegation, the resolution is the answer to the problem raised during international discussion, and should be a group effort involving consideration and compromise. Resolution writing is a skill learned through preparation and practice, and is easier with proper planning and study of the issues before your model UN event.

Writing a Great Resolution

An effective resolution includes two major components. These are the perambulatory clauses and operative clauses.

  • The perambulatory clause is the “why” of the resolution. This should include information about the specific issue, precedents from previous issues if necessary, as well as citations of relevant policies, rights and justifications for actions. This is where knowing the cultural relevance of your issue to the nation you are representing comes in handy.
  • The operative clause is the “what” of the resolution. It offers a solution to the overall problem, telling what the committee intends to do to address it. These must be clear, concise and contain no emotional or flowery language- that’s the job of the perambulatory clause.

While perambulatory clauses set up the case, the operative clause gives the reader a commitment to action in no uncertain terms. Balancing these two components properly will lead to a workable resolution that benefits every nation contributing to the end result.

With a firm understanding of how to write a resolution, model UN delegates and their chairs can prepare effectively for their sessions and work toward the goal of a successful resolution, passed by a majority of countries, with cooperation and collaboration in mind.

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