When you’ve finally found some great house painters in Keller, Texas, you may feel like the hard work is over, only to realize that you and your spouse or partner can’t decide on a paint color. Scientists estimate that humans can perceive about 10 million different colors. That is a lot of swatches to compare! Fortunately, color researchers have made the work a little bit easier by determining how colors impact human emotions. Narrow down your room color choices by first deciding how you would like the room to make you feel.


Reds and yellows belong to the “warm” side of the color spectrum, and can offer comforting feelings. They can also bring energy to a room. Yellow and red paint colors can be stimulating, but be careful to use them in small doses. Anecdotes suggest that warm colors can also stimulate hostility in some people. Try accenting with red and yellow trim, first.


There’s a reason not many people have bedroom walls painted in fire engine red. Few people can handle that kind of color stimulation when they’re trying to get some sleep. “Cool” colors like blue and green are a better choice when you’re trying to achieve a mental sanctuary. Blue is a calming color that can even create the perception of a cooler room when you’re trying to relax. Green is said to be the most relaxing color for the eyes and is even rumored to promote fertility.

Universal Appeal

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Black, white, and tan colors hues can add sophistication to a room. Many painting contractors recommend neutral colors to people who hope to sell their homes. Neutral colors allow prospective buyers to view themselves in a home without being distracted too much by the personality of the current owners. Neutrals can also be used to offset more vibrant accent colors or eye-catching décor on display throughout the room.

Work with your house painters in Keller, Texas to determine the color scheme that makes your house a home. Remember that even the best home color schemes are only the backdrop for the memories you will create inside. Alliance Painting handles the most important tasks that help to improve the overall appearance of the paint job.

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