Ideas for Funny Martial Arts T-Shirts in Austin, TX That Are Topical and Clever

Martial Arts T-Shirts in Austin TX demonstrate the clever styles that people can have with their graphics. The martial arts industry has a lot of running jokes, and it is exciting to explore these in style. There are some ideas below to combine martial arts and humor for a fantastic shirt. The website has a very appropriate and funny shirts that works extremely well. It may spawn some clever and funny ideas for a local martial arts shirt.

Breast Cancer Awareness

The shirt says, “Knocking Breast Cancer Out.” It has an image of a professional boxer next to a female boxer with the words in the middle. The shirt also makes sense with the culture. It is tied to Breast Cancer Awareness (the shirt is pink, of course) and it fits in with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not only is the shirt clever and smart, it is practical. It is this combination that helps go viral even at the local community level. The humor will undoubtedly be appreciated.

The “Keep Calm” Campaign

There is no copyright on the “Keep Calm” campaign, which has allowed many creative people to find all sorts of fun spins on it. The original idea is to keep calm and have fun. The humor of the idea fits right into Martial Arts T-Shirts in Austin TX. One could be a spin on, “Keep Calm. Learn Martial Arts.” Another could be, “Keep Calm. Punch a Lot.” The joke comes from the fact that learning martial arts really isn’t keeping calm.

Interestingly, many people who do martial arts do use it to keep calm. The joke is both true and untrue, and that is what makes it so much fun. There are two that can be found online, and they are great idea starters. The first is “Keep Calm, I am a Wing Chun Expert.” The other is “Keep Calm and Carry on Judo.” Both play with the Keep Calm t-shirt idea that is seen everywhere.

Humor is a great way to express a great product. Get additional info here on creating a custom local martial arts shirt. Keep in mind the idea of humor for drawing in more people, getting a laugh, and saying something important about martial arts.

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