If You Are Facing A Criminal Charge Retain A Criminal Attorney In Rockwall TX

You need a criminal attorney if you believe you are about to be charged with a crime or if you have been charged. More damage is done to the accused in the early stages of an investigation when they do not have an attorney. This is when they are likely to say something they should not say. The best thing to do is say nothing which is a right guaranteed by the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The police will attempt to get you to say something detrimental to your welfare. More convictions are obtained by what the accused said than by police investigative work.

The minute you hire a Criminal Attorney in Rockwall TX, he takes over and the police must deal with him. A criminal attorney knows the laws and the rules of evidence which is extremely important. He might be able to get the charges thrown out on the basis of inadmissible evidence. The attorney is experienced in the criminal justice system which means that he can talk to the prosecutor and police with a knowledge of the law and the court rules as well as the subject of admissibility.

He has established a relationship with the prosecutor which is helpful in negotiating a plea deal, reducing the charges or getting the charges dismissed. Keep in mind that a criminal attorney is familiar with the prosector’s ways of doing his job. This can be a tremendous advantage to your attorney.

The Criminal Attorney in Rockwall TX is able to represent accused people in a variety of criminal charges. He knows that you are distraught over being charged with a crime and he will put his extensive experience to work for you. He has handled DWIs, White Collar crimes, sex crimes, and many other types of criminal cases. He understands the way criminal law is applied in Rockwall TX and he is accustomed to getting the charges against the accused dismissed whenever possible.

When you hire a criminal attorney you want to be confident that he will fight for your rights and for a dismissal of all charges. For more information, contact Law Office of Tim Hartley.