If You Suspect Mold Is Making You Sick, Talk To A Business Litigation Attorney In Carlsbad

Buying a new home is an exciting – but nervewracking – time.   Finally, the closing is over, the packing and unpacking are done and it’s time to enjoy living in this wonderful new home.  Everything is fine for a while, but then someone starts to be sick for no apparent reason.

The symptoms are similar to a lingering cold or flu: exhaustion, fever, a runny or stuffy nose, constantly clearing the throat, feeling dizzy and nauseous.  Then the illness seems to become worse.  It becomes difficult to breathe and the lungs are congested.  Visits to the doctor treat the symptoms, but the illness always comes back.  Others in the home may experience the same symptoms or be unaffected.  The mystery illness might be caused by toxic mold.

Mold has always been with us, but only some types of mold are toxic.  Attention became focused on the problems caused by toxic mold in 1996 when ten babies became very ill with a rare lung disease.  The babies all lived in the same housing project in Cleveland, Ohio.  One of the babies died.  Ultimately, the Centers for Disease Control found that the cause of the illness was Stachybotrys chartarum, a greenish-black mold found in all of the homes.

Mold is found in old and new buildings, in humid locations and in the desert.  Actually, newer homes are particularly susceptible because they are built to be energy efficient.  We do our best to prevent any drafts, so any areas that become exposed to mosture never dry out properly.  If the previous owner did not properly maintain the building, mold will grow.  Construction defects are often at the root of the problem.  Building materials may have been contaminated during construction.  Unresolved plumbing problems combined with poor ventilation provide the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Anyone who is concerned that their home is causing them to be sick should contact a Business Litigation Attorney in Carlsbad.  The mold will continue to spread; it will not go away on its own.  The Law Firm Of Kaloogian & Fuselier, LLP has extensive experience in litigating cases involving mold contamination in buildings.  You can read the full info here.  Contact an experienced Business Litigation Attorney in Carlsbad for a free appointment to discuss the available options and to review your case.


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