Illuminate Your Environment Beautifully with Hand Blown Contemporary Pendant Lights

Hand blown pendant lights highlight and define your space, whether you want a focal point on a kitchen table, dramatic lighting over an artwork, or an exciting retail display. Discover lighting designed to inspire with clearly limitless possibilities including hand blown glass shapes, fixture sizes, and finish options to fulfill your design vision.

Illuminate Supurb Work: What’s Handmade is Human

Our work and design ethos pivots on “what’s handmade is human,” and we believe in forging connections through design and craft as an expression of style. That is why we created a selection of hand blown glass pendant lights that provide an inviting ambiance and artistry.

Contemporary Pendant Lights

Pendant lights, combining form and function, are an ideal lighting selection for spaces that embrace a residential-inspired aesthetic, whether a home, workplace or hospitality space.

Explore the Hennepin Made design collections and discover a variety of contemporary pendant lights, including single hand blown pendants and multi-pendant canopies with glass shades that come in a range of shapes: spheres, canisters, cylinders, linear pendants, and more.

At Hennepin Made, we take pride and pleasure in designing, producing, and manufacturing modern hand blown glass lighting and accessories that light up your space. We believe that glass is a craft and an art form. We stand for integrity in design, materials, and construction. We are a lighting studio in Northeast Minneapolis, MN, where we craft contemporary yet timeless designs to beautifully highlight homes, businesses, boutiques, bars, lobbies, hotels, and eateries.