Important Information for People Looking to Get Dental Implants in DC

If you have broken or damaged a tooth due to a serious injury, there are several options available to you. Obviously, a broken or damaged tooth doesn’t look very good, which can affect your self-esteem and confidence drastically. Therefore, you should to think about getting a replacement. One of the best options available to you is to get a dental implant in your denture. Dental implants are commonly used by dentists all around the country for putting in an artificial tooth in your denture. If you are thinking about getting a tooth implant installed, here are some important things that you should know.

The Procedure

Before you go for dental implants in DC, you need to understand the procedure. The dentist is first going to take scans of your jawbone to determine its density and then decide whether the implants can be installed or not. If you pass this feasibility test, the dentist will then schedule another appointment. You will be sedated and the dentist will drill a small hole in your jawbone through the denture to install the dental implant. The crown is generally screwed on top of the implant later on. Washington DC dental implants are installed by many local clinics throughout the city.

Other Information

Contrary to what most people think, dental implants are actually holders that are installed within the jawbone. The outer part, which resembles your tooth, is actually the crown. Once the dental implant has been installed, it will to take a few days for the wound to heal. The dentist will send the tooth for fabrication and install the crown in the implant accordingly, thus making it seem that there was never an injury!

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