Improve Your Bite or Teeth Alignment Using Orthodontic Care in Queens, NY

There are a number of ways to care for your teeth, not all of them good, and a variety of dental procedures available to improve your smile. However, some of the most important dental procedures available fall under the practice of orthodontics. Orthodontic care in Queens, NY is the best way to get your teeth aligned which is the beginning of a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, many people think the orthodontist is primarily concerned with the installation of braces, but a good orthodontist can handle a number of problems related to bite, jaw location and even illnesses such as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder.

One of the reasons you may require orthodontic procedures is because your misaligned bite makes cleaning the teeth clean a little difficult. This will eventually lead to tooth loss, gum disease and other oral concerns. An orthodontist can treat such problems as overbite, under-bite, cross-bite, spacing and crowding. Overbite is when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth. This problem can make proper biting and chewing difficult on the jaws and facial muscles. Under-bite is just the opposite and the upper teeth and jaw are recessed behind the lower jaw. Cross-bite is when the front teeth meet at odd or misplaced angles. Spacing is when the teeth have gaps between them. Crowding occurs when the teeth are too closely placed together. The latter two problems are usually adjusted with braces or other aligners.

Unlike regular dental procedures many orthodontic processes can take time. Properly shifting the teeth is the perfect example because your teeth are constantly moving even though it is a slow process. You won’t see it, but over time the teeth can shift position. This is why braces and aligners work, but it is also why it is important to have an implant whenever you lose a tooth. The implant blocks the existing teeth from moving around. Some of the orthodontists processes will work better for young adults than for older ones. Fixed braces are a common solution for young teens because their teeth are more easily moved than adult teeth. With adults the orthodontist will generally opt for removable aligners. If you are looking to improve your smile by adjusting the teeth and need Orthodontic care in Queens, NY be sure to stop by Northern Plaza Dental Care.

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