Improve Your Garment Business with Heat Press Transfers

Do you sell custom printed clothing? If so, you may have to stock many shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets to keep up with customer demands. When you include heat press transfers in your business, however, you receive many benefits. Here are some of the good things, they offer.

What Are Heat Press Transfers?

You can order your transfers from a custom print shop. They screen print your custom messages on the transfer instead of on the garment. To install the print, you only need to use your heat press – this makes life easier for you and your employees.

Why Iron-On Transfers?

Suppose your best-selling shirt has the Message “Have a Great Day.” You may need to stock this item in small, medium, large and several other sizes; however, it is not necessary to carry extra inventory when you have heat transfers. If you just keep plain shirts on hand, you only need to install the transfers as needed.


Thanks to iron-on technology, your business saves money. For example, customers are not waiting long periods of time to receive their garments because it only takes a few minutes to install heat press transfers.

Cost Effective

Heat transfers are cheaper than ordering garments for printing. You cut your operating costs and raise profits with this strategy.


Do you need help with graphics or images? When you do business with a top-rated print shop, you have help with these matters. In fact, you don’t need artistic skills or training at all, and you will not have to hire a graphic artist for your business either.

Your print service works with you to help you deliver the best possible products to your customers. They give you effective graphics and create unique images and messages. When you need professional advice on business matters, your print shop is the best source.

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