Air conditioning has been employed for many years in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Over the years, the effectiveness of these diverse systems has increased considerably. Due to system design and material selection, HVAC systems have become more sophisticated and complex, including the use of innovative technology to manage, monitor, and control industrial air conditioning in Lafayette. Industrial HVAC can now be monitored in real-time, resulting in the rapid assessment of issues that have an impact on system efficiency.

Industrial air conditioning equipment is usually centralized and installed on the roof of the building. Cold air is distributed throughout the facility via ducting, not unlike the distribution network used for a conventional centralized system in a residence. The difference is scale. Commercial and industrial air conditioning systems dwarf a residential system in both cooling capacity and complexity. Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has qualified teams of installation and service personnel, all of whom have the experience and skills needed to keep sophisticated air conditioning systems working well. The company specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC system supply and installation, as well as repair and chiller repair. Knowing the importance of HVAC, the company prides itself on adhering to schedule.

The constant evolution of air conditioning systems has resulted in more effective air filtration. These systems ensure the level of pollutants is kept under control. As such, it is not necessary to vent as much internal air. The result is a system that is far more energy-efficient and considerably less costly to operate. Air conditioning installed in industrial environments usually consists of one or more units. The units, or modules, are easily transported and installed. In the majority of cases, industrial air conditioning equipment is installed on the roof of the facility. This installation location allows for rapid and maximum dissipation of heat, there is less noise, and the units are readily accessible for commercial HVAC service, repair, and routine maintenance.