Industrial Contracting: Certain Basics

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Metal Fabrication

The industrial and construction world consists of many diverse types of contractors out there; all of them are vying for your business. There are also subcontractors. Among these options is a genre known as industrial contracting. In cities such as Cleveland, this category handles specific construction services. For fabricators, this can involve a wide array of specific services that relate to their skill set.

Areas of Expertise

Contracting services of this nature embrace a variety of craft-honed capabilities common among skilled fabricators. In Cleveland, a shop can address diverse aspects of the project. These include:

* Coordinated subcontract services

* Custom coordination

* Drawings

* Equipment installation

* Field welding

* machine guarding

* Project management

* Plant maintenance services

In other words, the team of fabricators can work on many facets of a project from the initial design to installation of the final product.

Inclusive not Exclusive

Industrial contracting is an inclusive approach. It combines the capabilities of experienced fabricators with the demands of the customer and the specifications of the project. Fabricators must work in partnership with the customer and other trades and contractors to ensure a successful project.

Moreover, this type of work demands high-level communication skills. All involved and invested parties must be able to provide clear instructions about eh purpose and intent of the project. They must also be able to state distinctly and precisely the role each party has, and when they must fulfill their obligations. This goes beyond what the written contract provides and iterates. It must also encompass all ongoing communication for both on and off-site work.

Industrial Contracting

Industrial contracting by fabrication shops addresses a wide area of interrelated skills. From the smallest project on or off-site to the design, production, and installation of major equipment, fabricators in Cleveland face the challenges of this work with aplomb. They work together with their customers to provide the required solutions successfully.

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