Information on Insect Control Services For Ants

Ants are a nuisance whether they are in your yard or in your home. While some ants go about their business without causing people any harm, others can cause painful, itchy bites. Some ants, such as the carpenter ant, can destroy the wood in your home and lead to structural damage. Fortunately, there are Insect Control Services For Ants. These companies will come out to a home and find out what type of ants are present. Once the type has been discovered, treatment can begin.

Ants are not that difficult to get rid of if you know what type of treatment to use. This is why it is important to hire professional Insect Control Services For Ants. These services will not only seek to remove the ants in a home, but also prevent them from coming back. This involves different steps that all work towards the common goal of no longer having to deal with ants on the property.

A pest control company will have to be prepared to deal with all of the life stages of an ant so complete removal is successful. The four stages of life are eggs, larvae, pupae and adult. If only the adults are killed, the cycle will continue with new eggs hatching and younger ants turning into adults. This is why most pest control companies use a baiting system to remove ants.

Baits are used because the adult ants will feed on the bait and then take them back to the nest, where the young will be fed. This will quickly diminish the entire population and in a matter of days will kill them all completely.

The pest control company will then treat your property to make sure the ants will not return. These treatments are often most effective in the spring and summer months when ants become most active.

If you are dealing with any type of ant, inside or outside of your home, contact Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC. Through their services, you can finally be rid of your ant problems so your home is returned to normal again. Call today for your appointment. You can visit them on Facebook or Yelp.

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