Installation of Central Air Units and Air Conditioning Maintenance in Grand Rapids MI Keep Churches Comfortable

The decision-makers at a church may keep voting down suggestions to have central air conditioning installed, figuring the building is just fine without it. Especially if these congregation members are part of the old guard and have been accustomed to attending church in sweltering summer heat, they may not understand the problem. They cite cost of installation and ongoing Air Conditioning Maintenance in Grand Rapids MI as reasons to vote against it. Nevertheless, whether they like it or not, central air conditioning in a church can boost attendance significantly and make the building more appealing for special events.


People of a certain age may have spent decades attending worship services throughout the summer in a building with only ceiling fans for comfort. Younger generations, however, are substantially more likely to have grown up with air conditioning in their homes and expect nearly every building to be climate controlled.

Health and Comfort

Some individuals simply don’t feel well when they are confined to an excessively warm, muggy environment. They may feel dizzy, faint and fatigued. Still, others have health disorders or must take prescription medication that makes it difficult for them to spend much time in a hot, humid setting.

The Impact

For all these people, the idea of attending church on a humid 85-degree morning is not enticing. They may skip church on those days or even eventually decide to switch churches for good if they don’t like to miss several Sundays over the summer. There also are probably ongoing concerns for people looking for a place to have ceremonies like weddings and funerals. They know there is too much potential for the building to be too warm for comfort in the summer.

Maintenance Affordability

Once the unit is installed by a contractor such as Kroll Furnace Co. Inc., air conditioning maintenance in Grand Rapids MI is very affordable. It only needs to be done once per year. In a climate like that of western Michigan, it’s OK to have the central air system inspected and cleaned in autumn, at the same time the furnace normally is serviced. Church trustees may visit us and start the process of getting an estimate.

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